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Further Maths

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Results 2017

100% A

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Course Leader

Caroline Jones / Mike Lewis

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Written examination


What will you study?

A Level Further Mathematics is an interesting and challenging course which extends the methods  you learned at GCSE and includes Statistics, Mechanics and the option of Decision Mathematics. Further Mathematics can be perplexing at times but extremely rewarding.It broadens your mathematical skills and promotes deeper mathematical thinking. In Further Mathematics, you will be introduced to interesting new areas of pure mathematics such as complex numbers, matrices and polar coordinates. A lot of STEM courses at University require Further Mathematics at A Level.

'A Level Mathematics will be of great benefit to all students studying Physics, Biology, Computing, Geography, Psychology, Economics and Business Studies. Employers value A Level Mathematics more than most subjects as students develop excellent analytical and logical thinking skills.Through problem solving,students will build resilience and think more strategically and creatively.'

Future Pathways

Mathematical skills are vital to students of the physical sciences and engineering,and increasingly important in social and medical sciences. Skilled,well-paid jobs (especially in the financial services and ICT sectors) often demand high-level Mathematics skills.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Maths Olympiad

Senior Maths Challenge

Team Maths Challenge

Teaching Maths to lower year groups