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Religious Studies

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Results 2017

33% A* (Every student achieved their target or above)

Results 2018

100% A*-D

Results 2019

100% A*-D

Course Leader

Claire Anderton

Examination Board



Written examination


What will you study?

Religious Studies (Philosophy, Ethics and Theology) allows you to engage with philosophical questions at a deeper level and explore the way religion affects and is affected by society. The course is split into three parts. You will study the philosophy of religion, where you will explore questions such as “Does God exist?”, “Is it possible to have religious experiences?” and “Do we have a soul?”

You will also study Ethics, where you will undertake a study of different ethical theories, applied ethics and explore questions of where our conscience comes from. Finally, you will explore developments in the study of religion, including the role of religion in secular societies and the role of gender in religion.

A Level Religious Studies is the ideal choice for anyone interested in exploring philosophical and ethical issues that affect all of our lives, and with an interest in exploring how different people have attempted to answer ultimate questions. You will develop skills of debate, analysis and logical reasoning that are valued in all subjects in higher education.

Future Pathways

Religious Studies is valuable for all careers which rely on sensitivity to different religions  and values,including medicine, law, education,social work and the public sector. It is also useful training for careers which rely on the ability to write and evaluate,such as journalism.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Visit conferences at Oxford and Taunton

Attend local lectures on philosophy and ethics

Attend a Philosophy conference to broaden knowledge of the subject