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Results 2017

65% A*-B

Results 2018

44% A*-B

Results 2019

50% A*-B

79% A*-C

Results 2022

82% A*-B

95% A*-C

Results 2023

60% A*-B

75% A*-C

Course Leader

Annabelle Lee

Examination Board



Written examination



What will you study?

Psychology covers many aspects of human behaviour. At AS Level, we learn about conformity and obedience, attachments to care givers, memory, biopsychology, different approaches to understanding psychology and research methods. At A Level this knowledge is extended to also include explanations of and treatments for schizophrenia, human relationships and explanations of aggression. Research methods, biopsychology and approaches are extended to include statistics and a deeper understanding of the brain.

Studying Psychology at AS Level/A Level will provide you with the knowledge to explain human behaviour and will give you an appreciation of individual differences that exist within society. You will earn valuable analytical skills, which will enable you to critically examine the evidence for and against an argument.  Students will also process and assess the value of numerical and other kinds of data.

Future Pathways

Psychology is one of the fastest growing subjects at undergraduate level and prepares you for any people centred career. For example, careers in social work, education, childcare, law, youth work, mental health, human resources and marketing all require knowledge and skills you gain from studying the subject.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Psychology Workshops at We the Curious