Student Testimonials

Read the comments below from V6 students and hear from Christina and Josh about their experiences of coming to V6 Sixth Form.





I really cannot believe how much I have grown in confidence in two years at Sixth Form; I feel ready for university life.

Sixth Form has taught me how to push myself to work hard to achieve my goals.

Sixth Form taught me to believe in myself and my potential by focusing on building my confidence in a safe environment where there are plenty of opportunities to challenge myself.

At Sixth Form I learned how to work better independently and understand the potential I have within me this Sixth Form is a place where you feel safe to be who you are and have an amazing time.

This is a close sixth form which is really beneficial as there are lovely people with lots of support and teachers who really care.

Every teacher has time for you and you feel part of a close knit family.

Teachers go above and beyond for their students.



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