Drama & Theatre Studies

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Results 2017

100% A*-B (Drama)

Results 2018

100% at or above target (BTEC Performing Arts)

Results 2022

100% A - D

80% A - C

Results 2023

100% A-E

77% A-C

Course Leader

Simon Shorrock

Examination Board



Written examination


Performance examination


What will you study?

This course is very practical. You will study five different plays over two years and create three performances. One is devised and two are scripted including a monologue and a group piece. In addition, you will take a written exam and write from the viewpoint of both actor and a director. We will see live theatre and you will need to write about this in your exam. If you like hands-on Drama and are able to analyse your own work and that of others, this course will suit you.  

Drama is a course that is recognised by universities and employers as something that shows you are a great communicator and have developed a number of skills. Many professionals regard Performance based courses as a supporting course for careers such as law and journalism.

Future Pathways

A level is an entry qualification for higher education courses in Drama and Theatre Studies, as well as an exciting range of Media. You will be prepared for a job in the theatre industry with an excellent understanding of theatre processes and production. 


Extra Curricular Opportunities

Innov8ers Award

School production participation


Theatre and production visits and workshops


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