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Results 2017


100% A*-D

Results 2018

100% Pass

Results 2019

40% A*-A

Results 2022

100% Pass

Results 2023

94% Pass

Course Leader

Lee Brittain

Examination Board



Written examinations

Practical skills assessment



What will you study?

A Level Chemistry can provide an interesting and challenging experience to link key chemical ideas and understand how they relate to each other.  You will study broad areas of Chemistry such as organics, energetics and kinetics and analysis.  Alongside the required practicals we will undertake further experiments to enhance and consolidate understanding of key ideas.

A Level Chemistry contributes to the development of your transferable skills including; investigating, problem solving, research, decision making, mathematical skills and analytical skills.  This course has been designed to open up a range of possibilities for further study and careers associated with the subject.

Future Pathways

Chemistry doesn’t just lead to medicine & pharmacy.  Chemistry can lead to careers in cutting edge technology such as development of new drugs, new portable technology (phones, watches, etc.), new materials, and solutions to environmental issues. It can also lead to careers in general management, archaeology, forensics, and law.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

University of Bristol Spectroscopy tour

Pathway to Medicine


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