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First cohort 2020

Course Leader

Sally Thorne

Examination Board



Written examination


What will you study?

You will be learning about the British political system, how it works, and how people interact with it. As well as studying underpinning political ideologies such as liberalism, socialism and conservatism, you will also learn how our democratic, voting and law-making systems work and cover case studies of how the media has affected voting behaviours. Alongside your study of the British system, you will also be studying US politics, drawing comparisons between the two systems and how the population engages with the respective democracies.

Politics is a thought-provoking course which will equip you with knowledge of our political system and those of other countries, as well as the state of global affairs. It provides vital ‘cultural capital’ that enables you to participate in political debates with friends and family. Furthermore, it will develop your ability to analyse, argue and win those debates.

Future Pathways

Politics is essential for anybody intending to study Government law, because you will understand the mechanics of our legal system. It is also useful for careers in the media, business management, the civil service and, of course, being Prime Minister.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Visit local Government buildings

Parliament visit

Political activism – running a debate club for younger students around political issues