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Results 2017

25% A*-A

Results 2018

 33% A*-B

Results 2022

26% A* - A

Results 2023

81% A*-C

Course Leader

Marianne McMahon

Examination Board



Written examinations 80%

Coursework 20%



What will you study?

A Level History is a study of four fascinating periods in history, loosely themed around the topic of empire. For the examined units, Year 12 study Britain 1930-97, including a case study on Churchill and Britain 1930-1951, and African Kingdoms c1400-c1800. Students will move on to study the Origins and Growth of the British Empire in Year 13, which includes studies of the British in America, the Caribbean and India.

The fourth area of study forms the coursework, or Non Examined Assessment, portion of the A-level and can be selected by students themselves. They can choose to develop an aspect of content that we are studying for the examined units or select a topic that allows them to study a period or theme in history that is of personal interest to them, supported by their teachers. This is something we believe is unique to V6 in the city and enables students to develop independent study skills that will help them at university, whilst providing access to topics that might not be available as part of the examined curriculum.

Studying A Level History will give you unparalleled training in carrying out research, building an argument, interpreting what you read and critical analysis. While the context for developing these skills is some fascinating history, they are all transferable to your day-to-day life

Future Pathways

Whilst History is particularly a facilitating subject for law and journalism, it is also helpful for a career in diverse areas such as finance, business and the heritage sector. The subject also provides excellent training in skills such as independent research, critical thinking, formulating an argument and drawing conclusions from evidence.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Academic historian lectures in Bristol

Chalke Valley History Festival Hampton Court visit

Holocaust Education Trust’s - “Lessons from Auschwitz” programme


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