Religious Studies

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Results 2017

33% A* (Every student achieved their target or above)

Results 2018

100% A*-D

Results 2019

100% A*-D

Results 2022

100% A*-B

Results 2023

80% A*-C

Course Leader

Jaswant Gangotra

Examination Board



Written examination


What will you study?

In Religious Studies we give students the opportunity to study a range of perspectives different from their own. We are really excited about our new Buddhism course which has been chosen in consultation with our students. 

The course is split into 3 parts; Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Buddhism.

You will start with timeless questions such as, 'What is reality?', and examine arguments for the existence of God, including whether religious experience is to be believed. 

In Ethics the issues addressed will include; 'What does it mean to be good?’ And 'Is fast fashion destroying our planet?'. In the Buddhism unit we will ask; ‘How does an ancient belief system respond to modern world issues such as debates about gender?’ We will look at Buddhism as practiced in both the West and in the Far East.

Our students say "Learning about different ways to get to the truth is one of the best aspects of the course. You get to understand some of the most mind- altering ideas about God, religion and the world. It has unlocked part of my brain that I did not know I could use."

Future Pathways

Religious Studies is valuable for all careers which rely on sensitivity to different religions and values, and there is a growing recognition of the importance of the subject as preparation for a range of pathways  including medicine, law, education, social work and the public sector. It is also useful training for careers which rely on the ability to write and evaluate, such as journalism and law.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Visit to a Buddhist Centre

Attend local lectures on philosophy and ethics

Attend a Philosophy conference to broaden knowledge of the subject


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