English Language

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Results 2017

100% A*-C

Results 2018

100% A*-C

Results 2019

78% A*-C

Results 2022

60% A*-B

Course Leader

Becky Rowe

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Written examinations

Coursework (Non examined assessment)



What will you study?

The course will provide you with a fascinating in-depth understanding of how we use language and how this usage differs across age, gender, social groups, contexts and forms. You will develop your knowledge of how texts are constructed, investigate the areas of language study that interest you and create your own texts. You will need to find your own data: for example, interviewing people, recording and transcribing  conversations, reading a variety of magazines, newspapers and work by different authors, looking at websites, adverts, text messages and tweets. You will consider the audience, purpose and form of these texts, explore the differences between speech and writing and discuss and present your ideas on how the writer has crafted a text.

STudying English Language will teach you to appreciate the power of words and language and to develop highly useful life skills such as critical reading, the ability to develop and sustain an argument and effective data analysis. The subject will also give you a fascinating insight into how children learn to speak, read and write.

Future Pathways

Studying English Language is a particularly good preparation for any career direction that includes the need to communicate clearly in speech or writing and where you will need to demonstrate ability to understand complex texts. The focus on how people use language means this course is well suited to a career where social interaction with others is important, e.g. business management, education, speech therapy, or leisure and tourism, and the focus on writing skills provides obvious links with journalism, marketing or public relations.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Examination preparation days

Child language investigation research


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