English Literature

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Results 2017

55% A*-B

Results 2018

100% Pass

Results 2019

90% A*-C

Results 2022

58% A*-B

Course Leader

Becky Rowe

Examination Board



Written examinations 

Coursework (Non examined assessment)



What will you study?

This course offers a fascinating insight into the power of language. You will be studying how prose, poetry and plays use language to convey views and how the socio-historical context, cultural setting and identity of the writer influence their presentation of ideas. You will gain not only a deep understanding of language but also develop accomplished data analysis skills and an appreciation for the power of literature. In addition, you will gain valuable life skills, such as an ability to communicate with clarity, and the ability to think independently and critically.

“Why should you study English Literature? The first reason would be for enjoyment of the texts, which covers a wide range of interesting prose, poetry and drama. If you enjoy your English lessons, like reading, discussion and writing essays, then this may well be the course for you.

Future Pathways

English Literature is a facilitating subject that is welcomed by Russell Group universities. It is a particularly good preparation for any career direction that includes the need to communicate clearly in speech or writing and where you will need to demonstrate ability to understand complex texts for example, as preparation for studying Law at university or a career in a legal field.


Extra Curricular Opportunities

Examination preparation days

Attend live performances of plays studied

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