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Results 2017

60% A*-B

Results 2018

45% A*-B

Results 2019

67% A*-B

Results 2022

54% A*-B

Results 2023

62% A*-B, 100% A at AS, 100% pass rate

Course Leaders

Natalie Allen

Examination Board



Independent investigation

Written examination




What will you study?

The Geography course will provide abundant opportunities for exploring the natural and human world around us. Fieldwork is a crucial aspect to further our understanding of our local landscape. The course covers a range of topics including our changing coastline, hazards across the globe, development and our interpretation of place. It will challenge and stimulate students’ perceptions of places and develop a range of analytical and mathematical skills.

Geography is a contemporary, exciting and engaging subject that provides you with an understanding of past and present processes that have shaped our modern physical and human environment. Through a two year course you can gain an insight in to global, regional and local issues within these environments. It will aim to excite a sense of wonder of the world around you.

Future Pathways

Geography graduates have one of the highest rates of graduate employment, pursuing a wide range of career paths. As a skills-based subject it is well respected by employers. Career examples include environmental engineers, refugee and asylum advisor, town planners and flood protection manager.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Lectures at UWE and University of Bristol 

Compulsory field trips


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