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NA (New Course)

Course Leader

Anastasia Saraga

Examination Board



Examinations: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking


What will you study?

Studying Latin will make you stand out! You will develop your language skills and will be able to read literary texts, both in prose and in verse, in the original language. You will have the opportunity to develop your literary,analytical and evaluative skills which will help you with your further study.You will also be given the opportunity to develop your linguistic skills which will help you both in the study and application of English and other languages.

'Studying Latin A Level will give you a clearer understanding of the meaning and spelling of many English words; it will also be helpful for learning any of the several European languages that are descended from Latin, such as French and Spanish.

In addition, it is part of our culture in countless different ways for instance, the mottos of most counties, towns and institutions are in Latin, as are the official names of all plants and chemical compounds.'

Future Pathways

Studying Latin at A Level will allow you to progress to careers in diverse fields ranging from law, banking and the civil service, through publishing, journalism and heritage, to the creative arts, teaching and the charitable sector.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Attend university lectures

Visit Roman sites