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Results 2017

20% A*

Results 2018

100% Pass

Results 2019

100% Pass

Course Leader

Thomas Frew

Examination Board



Written examination

Practical skills assessment

What will you study?

We cover the twelve required practicals with all of the correct equipment. We build upon your GCSE knowledge and take it further in areas such as forces and electricity. We also open your eyes and mind to some fascinating new topics including Sub-atomic particles, Thermal Physics and Nuclear Physics.

You will find physicists everywhere, in industry, transport, government, universities, the  armed forces, the secret service, games companies and research labs. The thing that they have in common is that they can follow instructions, or think laterally to solve problems and find a better/cheaper/faster/more environmentally sustainable way of achieving the same goal.

Future Pathways

Physics is especially helpful for jobs that involve building things and developing new technologies, including: engineering (flight, buildings and space), astronomy, robotics, renewable energies, computer science, communications, space exploration, science writing, sports and games technology, research and nanotechnology.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Particle Physics master class at University of Bristol