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Results 2017

48% A*-A

Results 2018

56% A*-B

88% A*-C

Results 2019

82% A*-C

Results 2022

42% A*-B

81% A*-C

Course Leaders

Hazel Benkemmoun

Sophie Blything

Examination Board



Written examination




What will you study?

People are social beings, not just individuals with their own separate lives. Their lives are shared with others and shaped by the society in which they live. How different would your life be if you had been born a hundred years ago or brought up in another society? How would this have affected your education, your political views, and your job opportunities? Sociology provides an insight into how our behaviour is shaped by the world around us. The topics covered help to explain why people are no longer choosing to marry, why middle class students achieve better grades in school, how religion can unify and divide a society and why crime is concentrated in inner city areas.

In Sociology we examine different sociological perspectives that provide a unique take on society, the variety of research methods employed by different groups of sociologists and the strengths and weaknesses of employing them to study aspects of society. Sociology is a current and topical course so you will need to keep up to date with relevant news stories.

Future Pathways

Studying Sociology at AS Level/A Level provides an excellent foundation for a number of popular university courses. For example, criminology, education studies and social policy. Sociology provides knowledge and skills that are transferable to a number of careers, for example in education, media, health, economics, journalism, politics, nursing and marketing.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

External talks with Sociology professionals

Teaching Sociology to lower year groups


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