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Results 2019

100% A*-B

Results 2020

100% A*-D

Results 2022

100% A*- C

Results 2023

100% A-C

Course Leader

Miguel Martin

Examination Board



Examinations: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking




What will you study?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. There are about 400 million Spanish native speakers and Spanish is becoming the most popular and exciting new second language to learn after English. If you are passionate about Spanish and Latin American culture and want wider career prospects, Spanish should be one of your choices. Spanish combines well with other A Level choices and will give you the edge that universities and employers are looking for. Studying Spanish will widen your horizons, giving you a global view of the world and will increase your employability and experiences as a global citizen.

Being competent in Spanish can enhance your earning power considerably and is an asset in any working environment. Major British firms have partnerships with Spanish and Latin American companies including top London employers who are eager to employ graduates with languages skills.

Future Pathways

The list is endless but you can take a traditional approach studying Spanish at university, or a degree, which combines language modules with subjects such as science, business, accounting, European studies or tourism.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Attend university lectures

Cultural visits


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