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Results 2017

100% A*

Results 2018

100% A

Course Leader

Cathy Shail

Examination Board



Listening, Reading, Writing and for 

some languages Speaking


What will you study?

The course will allow you to develop your fluency in your home language. You will study social and political aspects of your Home Language’s society. Throughout your studies, you will learn the language in the context of the countries where the language is spoken and the issues and influences which have shaped them. You will also study the key literature and film relevant to your home language. All students will attend ‘language lab’ sessions with V6 teachers who will provide personalised guidance on their examination preparation. However, all home language students must also have their own additional language learning in their communities.

An A level in your home language can be used for University applications in the same way as an English speaking students can use English Literature and Language in their applications.

Future Pathways

Studying languages will be useful for the following careers: finance, law, diplomatic service, working for international organisations (including in the health sector), engineering, teaching, translating, interpreting, journalism, politics and business.


Extra Curricular Opportunities

Oxbridge Club 

Arabic Club

Teaching opportunities

Bristol University lectures and students ambassadors