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MHS & V6 Community Iftar

Thank you to all in the MHS and V6 community for making this week’s community Iftar such a success.

We were delighted to be joined so many friends, colleagues, families, and students.

The event was organised by our V6 Head Student Team and invited people of all faiths and none to attend. It was wonderful to see the enjoyment of all that participated in this evening of education, enjoyment and belonging. 

The evening started off great with a mini activity quiz and a wonderful presentation about Ramadan and what it means to them from a group of lower school students. Once the time to break fast came along, a speaker recited some of the Quran and we broke our fast all together in the hall with dates.

Finally, we finished off with some prayers and eating a wonderful meal in the dining room. 

V6 Student Ash said of the evening:

“It was great to celebrate as a community.”

Head Student Amanda said:

“The food was amazing! Thankyou to all the volunteers that helped to put the evening together.”

V6 Student Sophie said:

“I liked how it gave me a chance to experience how muslims practice their faith, and appreciate the commitment they make.”

It was an exciting experience where all respected and came together to celebrate this month of Ramadan.

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